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Motherhood | Fairytales

Motherhood can be messy, sticky, sweaty, stressful, thankless and downright exhausting. From the onset, you are plunged into the deep end of the pool of sleepless nights and thankless days and for many of us, you tread that deep water just to get through the day and survive. It can be a tricky transition into this new role, but just maybe motherhood is meant to transform you into the person you were meant to become?

The hero. The one who catches your little one who is learning to walk, just before they fall. The one who will pick them up and kiss their boo boo’s when they have scraped their knees. Their safe haven after a scary dream. The best place and lay and sleep when illness has taken hold. The one to teach them courage, while facing their fears. The one to be a model of confidence and humility in everyday life. That strong person who carries them through life! Sounds heroic to me! Like, right out of a fairytale, type of heroism.

With all that we put in each and every day, what is our thanks? The thanks come in the everyday little moments. The “I love you, Mom.” The quick, run back to you hug before school drop off. The soft hands on your arm when you’re cuddled up reading a bed time story. The snuggles and the butterfly kisses right before bedtime. The manner’s they exhibit when you no longer need to remind them. The wildflowers picked from the yard, or the roses plucked from your very own rose bush. Sometimes the littlest of acts offer the biggest thanks. You are their role model, their safety, their comfort and some times their tissue!

Remember, not all super hero’s wear capes. If you really look, most of our everyday hero’s are running around town in athletic wear, chasing and shuffling their kids around, blowing noses and kissing boo boo’s!

Be sure to thank your mother for being your hero this Mother’s Day, and show her some love. Pick up your stuff, put your dishes in the sink, blow your own nose, and maybe let her sleep in, for some moms haven’t really slept in years!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom’s! Enjoy some of our favorites from our Fairytale Motherhood Sessions at Sunnyside Plantation, styled by the amazing Holly Cox, of French Bucket.