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Sweet like a peach | Baby Girl

Peaches Duff was almost her name.  When we found out we were expecting again, our oldest daughter was 4 years old and was over the moon that we were going to have our very own baby! While we already had a baby of our own with her younger sister, this time it was different to her.  She was old enough to understand what a baby meant to us as a family as well as to her as the biggest sister.  She immediately knew what this baby's name should be.  And although we didn't know the gender of this baby just yet, boy or girl, this baby shall be named "Peach Shampoo!" Two things our oldest loved, sweet peaches to eat, and her new skill of shampooing her hair independently.  Makes sense.  

Luckily for Ava, we had 9 months to change her sister's mind.  I'll tell you what though, her cheeks are juicier than any peach I've tried, and her personality is sweeter than all of the peaches in Georgia.  Maybe her big sister knew something we didn't.

Happy 9 months to our sweet Peach!