Alli D. Photography


Business Branding | Duprez Financial | Myrtle Beach, SC

How well does your headshot represent your brand?  Has your style or hair color drastically changed since your last formal headshot?  Is your current headshot ten years old, or more?  Was your headshot taken by a friend or colleague with a point and shoot camera or worse, a cell phone?  If you have answered "Yes" to any of the preceding questions, then it might be time to freshen up your brand.

In this digital age, potential clients immediately take to the web to research and connect with and compare businesses options available to them.  How can you ensure that your business stands out visually above your competition?  Consider freshening up your brand.  A professional headshot can put a trusting face to your business.  It can highlight your employees, your work ethic, your professionalism and your attention to detail within your organization.  Forbes reports, "Regardless of the business you are in, a blurry or poorly cropped picture conveys a sense a sloppiness and a lack of attention to detail that carries over to your organization’s reputation." (Harrison, 2016)

This company, Duprez Financial, asserts that their mission is to be "trusted and respected by our clients for our professional knowledge, integrity, independent financial advice and 1st class service."  (Duprez Financial)  Having met this team of dedicated financial and wealth advisors, it is apparent that they are committed to building trusting relationships and providing sound financial advice to their clients.  Follow them here on Facebook.

Let's talk about your brand and how I can help you visually freshen up your image to potential clients in a way that sets you above the competition.