Alli D. Photography


Big Sisters, Little Sister | Murrells Inlet, SC

We are almost two months in, and we have comfortably settled into life with sweet Ava.  We have spent the last two months enjoying our time together, bonding, playing with and loving on our newest addition.    

I always find myself wondering in my last trimester of pregnancy, how exactly we will make the transition to life with another newborn go as smoothly as possible.  How can we best prepare our other daughters for their new roles as big sisters, but also helping them to know that they, too, will always be our babies?  

This pregnancy was different from my last.  My oldest was still a baby, at 22 months old, when she became a big sister for the first time.  I don't think she quite understood exactly what was happening until we introduced her to her little sister, Alexa!  This time around, both girls were old enough to understand somewhat, what was happening.  They recognized how my body was changing, they loved feeling her kick in my belly and even came with me to many Dr. appointments to ask questions and push the button on the doppler to listen to her heartbeat!  We talked about what was going to happen, how things might change and stay the same, where she would sleep, and we even decided on her name as a family.  I'm sorry (or happy) to report that Rowyn was out voted with her suggestion "Peach Shampoo" (your welcome, Ava!)  

Our girls have welcomed sweet Ava with open arms and have settled into their roles of Big Sister, and Biggest Sister very naturally.  They are eager to lend a helping hand with little sis, whenever needed!  I am confident that Ava has two best friends or life!

We are a family of five, now!  Four females.  I repeat, FOUR!  And my sweet, patient husband.  And while our sleep banks might feel completely empty by the end of each week, our hearts have never been more full!